Why should you choose local and organic produce?

If we decide to take our vitality seriously, it’s a good idea to look at what and how we eat.

Eating well can sometimes feel laborious or difficult compared to fast food but with great delivery services, easy recipe ideas and farmers markets, once you make the change, it’s easy and addictive. The great luxury of a fabulous retreat is that amazing chefs and cooks make nourishing meals for you and it’s a great chance to feel the difference. Here are some benefits that will keep you motivated from the holistic health coach and organic and biodynamic farming educator, Nicci from @missorganic on why, where possible, you should choose local and organic?

  • It tastes better, you’ll notice the difference
  • It’s fresher and last longer (just buy at the Farmers Markets, Smart home delivery companies or shops that turnover produce quickly)
  • It’s more nutritious
  • You don’t have to ingest toxic chemicals when you sit down to a meal that will disturb your gut health and overall wellbeing.
  • You become more excited to eat fruit and vegetables and develop healthier habits because of the great taste. Increased consumption equals higher energy levels.
  • It’s better for the Earth! If you want to save the bees, avoid polluting our waterways, air and land, feed nutritious soil, avoid land degradation and soil erosion? Bee organic!

Prioritsing our health by making simple nutritional adjustments isn’t boring and organic eating is a neccessity for optimal wellness. It’s not even that expensive as the price of organic produce at a farmers markets is cheaper than or on par with conventional food. Have you seen the price of non-organic lemons, limes and mangoes at the supermarket lately?

By paying a few dollars extra for fresh produce and foods with ALL of these benefits, we eliminate the detrimental effects of non-organic food consumption. Yes, we can turn our health around as organic is for LIFE!

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