Zen Thai Shiatsu Level 1 Training with Brooke Elliston


Zen Thai is therapeutic bodywork that engages a pure-hearted, deliberate conversation beyond words.

Fluidity—We let go of trying to ‘master’ techniques, and instead stay connected to feeling. We learn masterful techniques and rules, only to let go of all the rules! The result is deep listening and intuitive sensing—a profound conversation beyond words.

Heartfulness—Choosing to behold the highest in another, we dissolve separation and honour the privilege to hold space.

Totality—The power of focused intention with no distraction. Our most persistent distractions will always seem justified. Yet when we direct our full attention anywhere, the energy follows. Bringing awareness to unconscious patterns of holding and tension educates the body to heal itself, to relax and to let go.


The Zen Thai Level 1 training is for anyone who would like to explore and share a spiritual practice rooted in ancient eastern healing traditions with mindfulness and intuitive wisdom at its core.

It is for bodyworkers wanting to upskill, yoga students and teachers wanting to deepen their own embodiment or the embodiment of others, those wanting to understand energetics and structural therapy, and those interested in becoming a Zen Thai Therapist.

You do not need any previous experience in yoga or massage to join.

The level 1 training is a prerequisite to the 9 month Zen Thai Therapist Training Program founded by Gwyn Williams


What you’ll receive

– Long juicy yoga practices each morning to settle into our own bodies

– Learn full 90-minute ZenThai bodywork sequence with Brooke and advanced senior ZenThai Therapist

– Practice giving and receiving body work

– Confidence in art of touch

– Skills in listening to the subtle body and the perception of energy

– Manual and video of the material covered

– Level One ZenThai Shiatsu Certificate

When: Thursday 2 September – Sunday 5 September

Location: Seaforth Scout Hall, Seaforth
A: 181 Seaforth Cres, Seaforth NSW

Cost: AU$675 total
Brooke will leading the training with a team of skilled therapist assistants.


Seaforth Scout Hall, 181 Seaforth Crescent, SEAFORTH, NSW


Brooke Elliston, Full Body Yes

$695 per person

4 day Zen Thai Immersion Training. - Level 1 Accommodation not included

Available Tickets: Unlimited
The 4 day Immersion ticket sales has stopped!
Sold out!


Sep 02 - 05 2021


Brooke Elliston, Full Body Yes


Finding the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to have a digital detox.

Thank you to The Yogapod Sydney for curating the perfect healthy holiday for me and my best friend to escape the city and accommodating our last minute questions.

Feeding the mind, soul and body ready for 2021.

At the Prana Retreat, we played with powerful yoga poses, had great food and a surrounding lush green environment to rejuvenate and restore for 2021.

The Yogapod Sydney has the best eye for retreats!

As a spiritual explorer, Katy remains forever curious to the lineages of yoga and travels the world sampling retreats and teacher trainings to deepen her knowledge.

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