Journey to Handstand with Norma Nelson

  • The Journey To Handstand Level 1 (Beginners workshop)
  • With Norma Nelson
  • Join Norma for a 2.5 hour workshop that will help you to build the foundations to develop a strong handstand practice.
  • Handstands develop strength, flexibility, balance, awareness, and confidence, as well as a sense of achievement and play.This workshop will clearly and safely walk you through principles and key drills to help you build the strength and confidence to get upside down.

In this guided adventure into the world of handstands, you will learn the basics of finding your way upside down. We will explore several aspects of handstand training: body awareness, mobility, strength, alignment, balance, control, flexibility, creativity and more…

We will cover:

· Proper physical preparation and warm-ups to mitigate injuries and practice handstands safely.

· The knowledge of safe and efficient techniques to start your practice towards a freestanding handstand.

· Understanding handstand prerequisites. Learn to evaluate your practice, and progress your handstands safely.

Pre requisites:

· This workshop is suitable for anyone who is already flirting with handstands (with or without the use of a wall).

· Not suitable for anyone with wrist or shoulder injuries.

· You should be able to hold a handstand against the wall for at least 15 seconds.

· Previous experience of yoga is preferred. Not suitable for complete beginners.




When & Where:

Saturday 8th May 2021 (12- 2:30pm),

Firefly Studio, Crunch Fitness, 48 Druitt St, Sydney CBD 2000






  • SATURDAY Noon – 2.30pm




Firefly Studio, Crunch Fitness, 48 Druitt St, Sydney CBD 2000


Norma Nelson, Sydney Brit, Handstand Extraordinaire, Yoga and Core Junkie



May 08 2021


Norma Nelson


Finding the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to have a digital detox.

Thank you to The Yogapod Sydney for curating the perfect healthy holiday for me and my best friend to escape the city and accommodating our last minute questions.

Feeding the mind, soul and body ready for 2021.

At the Prana Retreat, we played with powerful yoga poses, had great food and a surrounding lush green environment to rejuvenate and restore for 2021.

The Yogapod Sydney has the best eye for retreats!

As a spiritual explorer, Katy remains forever curious to the lineages of yoga and travels the world sampling retreats and teacher trainings to deepen her knowledge.

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