Five reasons you should attend a Yoga Retreat

2020, for most of us, has meant that taking a break from our busy lives is either impossible or has been an unexpected turn. Either way, we have all been overwhelmed by change in circumstance or energy.

We often don’t take time for ourselves. It’s considered indulgent and in times of challenge, it can feel a little, well, selfish. IT’S NOT. A reset in nature could be the best thing you do, taking time out and recharging, breathing for your loved ones and looking at your connection to yourself. It is also super fun! Being busy doesn’t always equate to being productive or purposeful and so retreating can be a really great way to evaluate that and manifest that all important balance. I have attended retreats and facilitated retreats. They have all been vastly different, varying in the styles of yoga/movement, length of stay, accomodation quality, landscape and nutrition. They have ALL been hugely fulfilling and while it’s sometimes fun to have no expectations, it can feel a little overwhelming when selecting a retreat that will fill your cup the most.

Explore and progress your yoga/movement/meditation

Retreats are an incredible way to explore your yoga- whether you’re new to it or whether you have an established practice and you’re looking to refine or change it up. It is time to spend with a teacher to ask the questions or get your basics down, try new things and sharing experiences! It’s the best!

Make new friends (or get yo’self a partner)

Whether you are travelling solo or with friends or a partner, you’ll connect with the others on your retreat and it’ll be awesome. Meeting new people is one of the biggest benefits- encouraging and supporting another. If your intention is to spend time alone, there is always space for that but often yogis will eat together and play together to broaden your yoga circle.

Connect with nature

The health benefits of escaping to the trees, oceans and mountains are well documented. Most retreats are hosted with magnificent backdrops so make sure to breath fresh air, walk barefoot, listen to the sounds of the wildlife and just appreciate the silence.

Disconnect from the busy-ness

Technology plays a big part in our daily lives and when we retreat, we are often encouraged to switch off for a bit. Leave the laptop at home, switch your phone on only if you need to (and if you have service) and let the pings of texts, social and emails be something that you release.

Eat delicious and nutritious food

Most retreats will be catered by a dedicated chef/cook who spend their time nourishing the guests with fresh, delicious and healthy meals. Often removing any unhealthy temptations, you will often find you will be energised and excited by the detoxification of simple having great locally sourced options. Of course, you can sneak in your naughty options but in my experience, you’ll be completely satisfied by the nomnom offerings.

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