The benefits of joining a yoga community and how to choose one

Joining a yoga studio can feel a little ‘committed’ when your new to yoga which is a BIG step.

Now there are so many online opportunities to practice, why would you? Here are 3 reasons why you should join a Yoga studio

  1. The teacher can see you in real time and offer cues to support your practice during class and offer some deeper instruction after class.
  2. There is a collective energy in the right studio space that will heighten your experience. Magic happens when people move and breathe together.
  3. An opportunity to experience a range of teachers, styles, sequences and levels. Every teacher has a unique offering to the student and as you experience different energies and vibes, you will either find teachers you want to practice with regularly with or you’ll be curious about exploring and go with the flow.

Now which studio? There are 3 very important things to consider when buying a membership.

  1. Is it accessible and can I get there easily? 
    Students who live close to a studio are way more likely to get on the mat.
  2. Are the class times convenient for me and desirable for me?
    Can you attend at least 3 classes per week if you want to?
  3. Is it a space I’ll look forward to being in? 
    Is the space clean, fresh and comforting? Is it somewhere you’ll look forward to showing up at? How did you find your yoga space and what convinced you to commit?

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