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The Yoga Pod Sydney is your online wellness destination curating the best retreats, workshops, gear, accessories, yoga and wellness insights from community leading yogis and instructors. The pod is connecting yogis with facilitators to help create their path to wellness, physical and mental wellbeing. We welcome our community at all stages of their wellness journey whether this is to be a novice to the practice of yoga or experienced practitioners. We want you to feel that being a part of our community is fun and educational yet leaves you recharged like a returning from a dream vacation.

All you need to do is take the time for yourself. Plan your next yoga retreat escape now! 

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Founder of the Yoga Pod Sydney

Katy is a ex-Londoner loving life down-under and has spent the last twenty one years becoming a familiar face in the Sydney Yoga community. Being the ultimate urban yogi, Katy blends her versatile style with traditional technique – learning (and loving) the fundamentals of connecting breath with movement.

In her love for a playful practice, Katy became a qualified Acrovinyasa teacher after finding acroyoga through Gwyn Williams, one of her lifelong teachers and acroinfluencers, Claudine and Honza Lafond . She met her partner, Dean Gladstone here and he studies continuously with teachers including Iceman Hof and Oxygen Advantage. Both breathwork and yoga teachers, they are passionate about making yoga accessible to everybody and have seen true transformation in life, health, sleep and performance utilising simple and fun techniques. The Yoga Pod Sydney and Power of the Breath are true passion projects and they hope that they embody the joy and vitality they want for their students. 

As curious explorers, they have a great time travelling the country as facilitators sharing how breath and regular movement is our superpower to health and happiness. And that is why the Yoga Pod Sydney is now offering the best yoga retreats across Australia, making magical escapes easily accessible for anyone in the wellness and yoga community.

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