A breath of fresh air is only a click away VIEW RETREATS

A breath of fresh air is only a click away. View Retreats

Curator of the best yoga retreats, workshops, yoga gear and accessories. The Yoga Pod Sydney connects yogis with facilitators and other students so they can move into studio classes with confidence and create their own path to wellness.

Finding the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to have a digital detox.

Thank you to The Yogapod Sydney for curating the perfect healthy holiday for me and my best friend to escape the city and accommodating our last minute questions.

Feeding the mind, soul and body ready for 2021.

At the Prana Retreat, we played with powerful yoga poses, had great food and a surrounding lush green environment to rejuvenate and restore for 2021.

The Yogapod Sydney has the best eye for retreats!

As a spiritual explorer, Katy remains forever curious to the lineages of yoga and travels the world sampling retreats and teacher trainings to deepen her knowledge.

Thinking of starting yoga?

Are you thinking of starting yoga? Millions of people worldwide have turned to yoga to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. You likely notice it all around you, the subtle shifts in the attitudes of your friends who have recently.
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Thinking of starting yoga?
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